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201 North Beckwith, Box 142, Malden, MO. 63863

Historical Museum - Past to Present

     The Malden Historical Museum was founded in 1955 by Mary Kochtitzky, who began collecting historical information and articles from area residents. The museum began in one room in the back of the Malden Library which was founded by her sister Elise Kochtitzky Byrd. Many antiques were donated to the museum for display and soon the meager space available was overwhelmed with a wide variety of items to display. A number of displays were set up at the museum for visitors to view and those displays were changed often by rotating them with items in storage. The museum continued to grow and was a favorite spot for visitors, especially school children who came individually and in groups.

     In 1980 Floyd and Vera Brown donated their home at 201 North Beckwith Street to the museum. Following extensive renovation, the Malden Historical Museum opened its doors at its new home in 1983 where it is still located today. Thanks to the generosity and support of the citizens of Malden, the museum has been able to continue its purpose of preserving the history of the area. The museum receives no financial assistance from the city, state or national governments and is solely funded by memberships, memorials and donations. Over the years, the museum has seen visitors from 23 states and four foreign countries as well as many from within Missouri. A number of school classes, youth organizations and other groups have also toured the facility.

     Many special exhibits have been on display, including the "Back to the 40s and 50s," "Easter Bonnets," "History of Malden Schools," and "Barn Again." Don't miss the "Archival Room" where the store of histories, oral tapes, maps and pictures is steadily increasing. All are being gathered into one room for easy access and preservation. The Museum is open to the public on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays from 1:30 until 4:30 each day and special viewing's may be scheduled by calling 276-5008 during open hours or by email. You may also call Sue Bostic at 276-5663 to make arrangements.

     The Malden Historical Museum is staffed by Elizabeth Haskins and Virginia Hoehn, along with many volunteers and is operated under the auspices of a Board of Trustees comprised of the following individuals:

Director, David Black, President
Director, Charla Royal
Director, Walker Culp, Vice President
Director, Stokes Howell - Honorary
Director, Sue Bostic, Secretary/Treasurer
Director, Allen Black - Honorary
Director, Charles Dierks

     The Board of Trustees deeply appreciates your support and urges you to become a member. With a donation of $100 or more, names of your choice may be placed on the "In Memorial" and the "Special Recognition" plaques.

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